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[18+] Whipped Strawberry Quarantine Confinement

Whipped Strawberry Quarantine Confinement. Our beloved latina Veronica Leal is home alone in her stylish and sexy protective outfit – be. absolutely prepared for the pandemic and seemingly super bored. ‘Let’s have some fun alone!’ she. thinks and just like that she acts on it.. Conveniently there is a bowl of strawberries on the table right there and it would be nice to eat it.. Fun fact: during the pandemic – self-isolation time – people gain weight being bore-eating at home.. She would love to do that to pass some time but she can’t since she is having a mask on.. Luckily there are many other ways of having fun with food… By rubbing it to your body you finally. could feel some remotely human touch. Moist, maybe warm, messy a bit… Just like people are!. Spreading the strawberry all over her body she starts to feel alive again. And honestly speaking it. also looks good. By the way, those strawberries match her outfit so well! Even when the fluids of. the berries reach her clothes it just blends in…. So playing with food and all the juices of it, being a bit messy, naughty girl turned her on. Playing. with yourself can be boring – but a good time passer of course – so some spice up is always. welcome. The soft touch of the strawberry feels so good on her nipples and boobs… Too bad she. still can’t smell it through that mask! Humans after all operate on some basic senses – one of them. is smell. The picture is never full if there are no smells involved!. The top of hers comes off to reveal the well known Veronica Leal boobies – the tits we would all like. to play with. In a bit those panties will come off as well and she only wears a mask at that point. The. scenery of the smashed parts of the strawberries landing on her ass is just epic. She also puts. some parts inside her perfectly shaped and now super wet pussy.. Now that she is all over messy and naugthy from the red berry and it’s juices, she does some. tramping on the fruit as well and continues to play with the remains of these fine culinary treats.. The big event is when she finds the whipped cream came with the strawberries and starts using it. as a sort of lube or oil. Rubbing it throughout her body made her look extremely white. And this is. the point when she decides – that’s it! Fuck Covid! I had enough! I want to taste and sniff myself!. The mask gets off and her pure beauty is revealed. Finally after all those moments alone in. oppression she can be free! She can act on her desires and needs! Licking her fingers which have a. combination of taste coming from strawberry, whipped cream and her pussy / ass… Sounds like a. tonic we would love to taste ourselves.. At the end she masturbates while she licks her feet in a very athletic position. This scene of. Veronica is just an example of how you don’t have to go insane being in quarantine and make the. most of it. Or is it?.

Duration: 42 minutes

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