Earn Money With GemmePorn

If you are not fun of being in debt and want to live a less stressful lifestyle the number one rule of personal finance is to spend less money than you make or earn. However, If you want to get ahead financially, it’s important to save money where you can. But if you really want to improve your finances, there’s the flip side of that equation  – make more money. With a side hustle or money-making hobby, you can give yourself a raise whether your employer wants to or not.

Thanks to our revolutionary thinking and the wonders of the internet, it’s completely possible to bring in a steady side income from the comfort of your own home.

GemmePorn provides a platform where users of the website can earn a steady side income by uploading and submitting adult movies or videos. Whether you want to become your own boss, start a side hustle, or earn extra money on the side, this is one of  the strategies that can help.If you are interested in making money with us, this is how:

  • You need to create two accounts: One on this site and one on the upload server site.
  • Create an account by registering with us.(Click on the LOGIN button at the top right corner and click on Join Now to open to register a new account. requires a username,email address [use your real email address] and a password)

  • Confirm and activate your account by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email's inbox. (If you can't find a mail from us in your inbox, check your spam folder).
  • After clicking on the confirmation link, your account is now activated.
  • Create an affiliate account on the upload server site where you will be uploading adult movies or video files to by clicking on this LINK

  • Fill the "username"  input field with the same username you used to sign up on this site. - Important
  • Fill the "email"  input field with the same email you used to sign up on this site. - Important
  • Fill the "website" input field with the site's url :  https://gemmeporn.com - Important


  • Select any of the payment methods (Paypal, Webmoney , Bitcoin) and enter account address or number.
  • Enter your skype ID or Telegram ID or Both
  • Check you are not a robot and then Click Create Account - Congratulation you are ready to earn some side income.

NOTE : Accounts on the upload site (Go Unlimited ) that has no files since it has been created will be permanently deleted within 7 days since the date that the account has been created in.For More info about  the terms of Go Unlimited. Go HERE

Below is a list of how much money you can earn per 10,000 Views | Download  ( depending on streaming or download location ) of each movie or video you upload 

TiersGeographic LocationsAmount
Tier 1Germany, United Kingdom, United States.
Tier 2
France, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway.
Tier 3
Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
Tier 4
Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation.
Tier 5All Other Locations$4

You Have Successfully Created Accounts on GemmePorn And Go Unlimited Now What?

You can start earning some side income using two simple techniques :

  • Submit Links From Go Unlimited For Already Existing Movies On the site
  • Submit A New Adult Movie or Porn Video

Submitting Links For Already Existing Porn Videos | Movies

Each Movie | Video on the site can have multiple servers. You can start earning by uploading and submitting porn videos | movies the already exist on the site and are not using a Go Unlimited link as the primary or first server. To figure out which Movies are already using Go Unlimited as a primary Server, watch out for YES beside "Is Primary Server From Go Unlimited" on the watch page of each movie. Movies with NO beside "Is Primary Server From Go Unlimited" means the movie is not using Go Unlimited as a primary server. You can therefore upload and submit that movie or video. To Submit A link for an already existing Movie, Go Here - NOTE : Requires Log In

Submitting a New Porn Video | Movie

The second option is to submit a porn video or adult movie that is not available on the site. These include but not limited to Movie Requests on the site and telegram etc. (We accept videos from all countries ) . To Submit a New Movie, Go Here  - NOTE : Requires Log In


GemmePorn Does not Process Any Payments. All Payments will be processed by Go Unlimited

- Payouts are  processed by Go Unlimited usually in less than 24 hours after requests, but in worst case (which is rare) it may take up to 72 hours. 

- The minimum payout is $10 for PayPal, WebMoney, and Bitcoin. Transfer fees will be paid on your behalf with Bitcoins! 

- Views are counted whenever the video is started. There is no need for the viewer to watch specific percent of the video. 

- The Movie or video length must be at least 1 minute , in order to be rewarded. But, keep in mind; it's not necessary for the viewer to watch 1 minute of the video. 

- Using automated tools to obtain fake views for profit will lead to direct bans when checking the sources of your views when you request the first payment. Go Unlimited will check the IP address of each view and its ISP to make sure it's legit. 

- Blocking our player ads using the Sandbox tool will also result in a final account blocking to protect our resources from abusive behaviors. There will be no opportunity to recover the account and your effort by uploading your files will be lost. Manipulating the player to get the direct link to the video and use the resources unauthorized as Hot-linking will put the account in the same position. 

NOTE : For the time being, when you create a Go Unlimited Account for the first time, Your Account is not Yet Trusted therefore, Movies | Videos Uploaded that are not viewed or downloaded within a couple of days will be temporary deleted.(if this happens to you, view deleted files and restore. Users with Trusted Accounts will only have their videos deleted after 60 days of inactivity. If you want a Trusted Account send a mail to [email protected])

About Amazing New User (AMU) And Trusted User (TU) Accounts On GemmePorn

When you create an account on GemmePorn to begin your journey of earning some side income, as a new user, your account is not yet Trusted (Amazing New User) and therefore your submissions will be reviewed before appearing on the live site.This is will help us identify which user understands the entire process of uploading videos to the site.
Once we are sure you can successfully upload content to the site without mistakes, your account will be upgraded to a Trusted User Account (Your videos submissions will appear as and when you post. No Reviews.).

One way of increasing your earnings is to share your uploads with friends and family.

About Adult Movies and Pornographic Videos Uploads to Go Unlimited

  • Pornography content that includes children or teenagers under the ages of 18 are prohibited, even if it has been recorded in states where it's legal.

  • Pornography content that includes people who aren't in their complete health or have some form of mental issues are prohibited.

  • Pornography content that includes animal/s, or humans who are in positions with animal/s are prohibited.

  • Pornography content should not include any real rape or force in any way.

  • GO Unlimited reserves the right to decide whether the content you uploaded are appropriate and can delete images or videos at any time without User notification.

Have or want to upload videos or movies that are not porn related?

If you are interested in uploading movies that are not pornographic, check out GemmeMovies